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Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. Some breeds, like people, are naturally high energy and will be more compatible with an active family; other breeds fit better in less active, more laid-back homes. In addition, you may want to consider the adult size of a dog as you make your decision. Are there small children to be considered? A very large dog with high energy could create problems even while being loveable. How much time do you and other family members have available to be sure the dog gets adequate exercise? Will you be at home or working? Before choosing a puppy to add to your family, it is important that you consider how you expect that pup to fit into your family.

The American Kennel Club site has information on all breeds of pedigree dogs, their characteristics, and requirements for living comfortably with them.

Rescue Groups

These groups are involved in the rescue and re-homing of specific breed or mixed breed dogs. The dogs are usually placed with foster families for evaluation and recommendations regarding the type of placement that will work best for both the people and the dog. For example, does this specific dog need a home with or without children or with children above a certain age? Will the dog live happily with other dogs or with cats?  Most of these groups charge a fee that goes toward continuing their rescue efforts.

Local Animal Shelters

Animal shelters are dedicated to trying to find homes for homeless animals, strays and animals surrendered by their families.

Training group

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